My Company

Originally Haddonfield Lumber was a one of the largest suppliers of building materials in South Jersey. They merged with Strober Building Supply to become Pro-Build the nation’s largest supplier of building materials to professional builders, contractors and project oriented consumers.


I have been designing and overseeing the installation of kitchens, baths and other room projects for over 30 years.

Site Mission

This web site was formulated to assist the end user in selecting their cabinets, countertops and accessories. You can access all our products by going to the links button at the top of the home page and contacting me is easy just by going to the contact and send me an e-mail of your selections, thoughts or ideas.


Even though we do not sell appliances they are an integral part to any good design. In fact no design can really begin unless you select your appliances first and know their installation specifications. A good design must start with the appliance placement to set the work triangle then the arrangement of cabinetry is set.


A personal consultation is usually the best way to select the right manufacturer, door styles, colors and textures for your project. Contact us to set up a consultation.


If you see something you like on my site or have an inspirational picture just e-mail me a copy of that picture or idea. You may want a specific style such as contemporary, traditional, cottage, country, mission or staggering of wall cabinet heights – just let me know and I will incorporate what you want into the design of your room.


Form and function are the key parameters of a sound design. I love to cook and having an arts background I strive to make the kitchen flow as well as having it look balanced and pleasing to the eye.

Computer Aided Design

A CAD program called 2020 is used to illustrate floor plans and room perspectives so anyone can understand and envision their room project. These prints can also be faxed or e-mailed to you as a PDF file using adobe acrobat.

Professional Warehousing and Shipping

Pro-Build has a state of the art warehouse able to store any order until it is ready for delivery. All orders are cartooned and shipped to the jobsite by a driver and helper for safe and secure unloading. All orders are itemized and signed for accurate record keeping.


I will provide a numbered floor plan that shows the items needed to complete the installation of your project and copies are sent with each delivery. Pro-Build also has an installation department that provides qualified professionals capable of handling a turn key operation for new construction in any room of the house.